What do people do to
become slim?

People try all sorts of methods to lose weight. Unfortunately, many a times they end up doing more
harm than good to their health when extreme approaches are employed.

Crash dieting

A crash diet is essentially a very restrictive meal plan that forces you to cut down on a huge amount of calories a day, thus making it difficult to get all the nutrients you need for your body to function properly. No one can adhere to this for long.

Skipping meals

It’s an easy and simple way to cut calories, but when you skip a meal, your body is less efficient at using energy. Furthermore, you are more likely to make a poor diet choice during the subsequent meal occasion due to the build-up of hunger.

Bursts of exercise

Overexerting your body to hasten weight loss is extremely dangerous and must be avoided. It often causes injury due to wear and tear of muscles and dehydration. The right balance between diet and exercise is the key to good health.


Many people want to lose weight overnight and hence choose to starve themselves. Unfortunately, starving doesn’t lead to loss of fat, but breakdown of muscles and water instead. Since, the body is not getting the food it requires, your metabolism slows down to conserve energy and eventually uses up all the energy stored in the body.


Purging or vomiting after eating a meal is a very common phenomenon, especially among teenagers. People binge on food in front of friends and family, but then forcefully vomit it out when no one is around. Purging never gets rid of the unwanted calories, instead, weakens your digestive system severely.

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