Saffola Active Slimming Nutri-Shake is a nutritious meal replacement shake. It is designed to be low in calories, high in fibre and good quality protein and contains Garcinia Cambogia extract; all these are known to be beneficial for weight management. It helps adults struggling with weight, achieve their weight management objective.

  • Saffola Active Slimming Nutri-Shake offers complete nutrition of a well-balanced meal in only approx. 200Kcal.
  • When you replace it with your regular meal, you end up saving up to 70% calories without compromising on nutrition and taste.

Preparing Saffola Active Slimming Nutri-Shake is very easy and convenient.

  1. Take 2.5 scoops (50g) of powder
  2. Add 50ml of water and make a smooth paste
  3. Add an additional 130ml of water
  4. Stir thoroughly and consume immediately

Saffola Active Slimming Nutri-Shake is available in following flavors:

  1. Swiss Chocolate
  2. French Vanilla
  3. Pista Badam (No sugar added variant)
  4. Royal Kesar Pista
Shelf life (months) Swiss Chocolate French Vanilla Pista Badam Royal Kesar Pista
400g 18 m 18 m 15 m 15 m
Currently Saffola Active Slimming Nutri-Shake is available in 400g pack.
Saffola Active Slimming Nutri-Shake is available for Rs.990 (400g pack)
You may replace one or two meals based on your preference and health status in consultation with your nutritionist/physician.
Natural colours and natural and nature identical flavours are the only additives added to this product.
No artificial colours and preservatives are added in Saffola Active Slimming Nutri-Shake
Gluten sensitive enteropathy or celiac disease is an inflammatory disease of the small intestine where the person cannot tolerate gluten (a type of protein found mainly in wheat). Saffola Active Slimming Nutri-Shake is gluten free and hence safe for use by patients with gluten enteropathy. However, before introducing any new food in your diet please check with your dietician/physician for the same.
Parenteral nutrition (PN) means feeding a person intravenously (directly into veins), bypassing the usual process of eating and digestion. The person receives nutritional formulae that contain nutrients such as glucose, salts, amino acids, lipids and added vitamins and dietary minerals.